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MRT 2540


If you're after a powerful and versatile telehandler, then the MRT 2540 Privilege Plus was designed with you in mind. Its high tonnage capacity means it can lift 4 tonnes up to 25 m in height and with full 360° rotation you can perform all manner of manoeuvres from a single, stationary position.

The MRT-X 2540 Privilege Plus is a truly all-terrain vehicle with its 4-wheel drive and a frame levelling system so you can traverse difficult terrain with ease. Thanks to the telescopic outriggers deployed, stability is ensured for ease of mind when performing manoeuvres, as well as not having to waste time constantly repositioning the machine.

Seven reasons why rotational telehandlers are the best:

1. four wheel drive capability which allows them to be driven over very rough and uneven terrain. This is very useful on building sites, in agriculture and even in mines.

2. carry much more weight than cherrypickers - there are telehandlers available with a 40 tonne lift capacity.

3. rotates on its base meaning the vehicle can be stationary on its outriggers while the top half with the crane rotates 360 degrees. This gives huge advantages in terms of flexibility and accessibility.

4. modern telehandlers can be operated outside of the cab using a radio controlled device. Excellent for fine positioning for say working under a brige.

5. onboard computers that work out exactly how much can be carried at different angles and boom extensions.

6. takes up less space than truck mounted cranes allowing jobs to get done with minimal disruption.

7. these machines have a broad range of attachments made for any and all jobs.

Maximum Lift Capacity 4000 kg
Maximum Lift Height 24.60 m
Overall Height 3050 mm
Gross Vehicle Weight 18,600 kg
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