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How to find the right forklift or machine for your job

Choosing the right forklift, telehandler or access equipment to hire is really important to the effective completion of your project. It will save you time, money, man hours and ensure the safety of everyone onsite if you have the best possible equipment for the job. Forklifts are the cornerstone of a lot of work sites and warehouses, and getting the right machine can improve the entire process of your job or project. So, how do you know you have chosen the most useful machine? You could spend hours, days or even weeks researching what you need… Or, you can try our Find a Machine tool. By answering a few simple questions about your project needs, we can offer our carefully selected catalog of machines to suit your requirements. 

How does the Find a Machine tool work?

We realised that there were a few key questions people need to ask themselves to choose the most effective machine for them. Using these questions, we created an online tool that sorts all the equipment into carefully selected lists of applicable equipment available for hire based on the answers provided.

For example, is your job inside or outside? Will you be lifting and shifting loads, or working at heights? What weight bracket do your loads sit in? Is your height work above or below 11m? These questions will be integral to ensuring you get the right machine. Each answer moves you closer to narrowing down the selection of machines that will be perfect for your job.

I need to hire a forklift or access unit but don’t know which one? Aren’t all these machines essentially the same? 

Short answer: no. Although they perform a similar function, the variables of each make them very specific to different jobs. From height, to handling to maneuverability, forklifts/booms/scissorlifts and telehandlers are as unique as the jobs they’re working on. If you’re working at a height above 11m and on uneven ground you might be better suited to the versatile ATN ZEBRA 16RT boom lift; whereas a sub 11m height job with an incline is more suitable for the 1090EVO bi levelling scissor lift, that is functional on sloped areas of up to 20 degrees. 

My project is about to start. Should I go with a machine I’m used to, or a new one that is better suited to the job to benefit process and work speed?

Our advice: think of the job first, and we can work with you on the experience side. Although it would certainly be understandable to want to go with what you know, you could be missing out on a more efficient work process with another machine. We are able to do demo days (for our multi-functional Magni telehandlers), have trial options if you’re unsure of what to choose from the Find a Machine selection, and are able to provide operators for any telehandler, forklift or access equipment hire in Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle or Melbourne if you don’t have a license to operate a machine

You can try our forklift and telehandler Find a Machine tool for yourself.


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See you at the Diesel Dirt & Turf Expo!

The All Lift Forklifts & Access Equipment team will be exhibiting at this years Diesel Dirt & Turf Expo! Come along to experience the Magni Telehandler, have a free demo day and look at all of our Telehanlders for sale. 

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