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Sideshift are commonly used for lifting attachments to shift a load from one side to the other with fast, accurate placement. It allows a lateral movement of the load, enabling the forklift operator to place the load in the correct position without multiple movements of the forklift truck.

They are perfect for agriculture, construction and food, beverage and paper handling, and suitable for multiple forklift machines. 

The features and benefits of sideshifts are:

  • Enabling the forklift operator to move loads from side to side
  • Adjustments of load provide greater flexibility for stacking, loading, unloading and placement of loads
  • Equal side-shifting force
  • Maximum residual capacity due to minimum weight and lost load
  • Quick and simple installation – no welding required
  • Excellent forklift operator visibility
  • Reduces handling time
  • Reduces damage to pallets
  • Increases movement option in tightly spaced areas.

Tines and hoses not included. Please contact the Forklift manufacturer for the residual capacity of attachment.

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