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Hydraulic Reach Forks


KOOI Reachforks are hydraulically extendable and retractable forks which allow for ‘double deep’ stacking and one-sided loading and unloading.

• Allows ‘double deep stacking’, increasing warehouse capacity
• Allows one-sided loading and unloading, saving time and increasing driver safety
• Requires one additional hydraulic function
• Optional Pallet Stops prevents the reachforks from protruding through to the rear pallet
• Optional Load Guards can be custom made to suit if required 
• 6mm thick integrated wear plate (400 HB) under the complete outer sleeves for longer life span
• Reinforced heel gives less deflection
• Special deisgn fitting guard for easier connection of the forks onto the fork carrier



Single Range: Single-cylinder telescopic forks. Ideal for double-deep pallet storage. Commonly used on warehouse trucks, reachtrucks etc.


Double Range: Double-cylinder telescopic forks. Ideal for one-sided loading and unloading of trucks, trains etc. Can perform under demanding circumstances.


Slim Range: Ultra-narrow telescopic forks. Ideal for inserting between bricks or blocks etc. Their width allows them to be used on multi-load handlers for lifting 1-4 pallets at once.Extension Range: Hydraulically adjustable forks. Designed to reduce damage to products and pallets.


Power Range: Telescopic forks specially designed for use on truck-mounted forklift trucks. Fitted with an external synchronization valve to cope with the higher power demands of this usage.

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