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Drum Lifters


Drum Lifters are a unique beak-style drum lifter designed for the easy raising, tilting and lifting of one or two 205L drums using a forklift to conduct rotations, racking, inversions and horizontal storage. 

Most worksites require the use of heavy drums and the ability to lift and tilt them to ensure they are safely transported. Our drum lifters are designed to handle drum trolleys in the leveraging of goods, efficiently, safely and carefully. 

Drum lifters ensure the safe, efficient and practical manoeuvring of drums in warehouses and on worksites, particularly in cases of hazardous material content when drums would be dangerous to manage otherwise.

The main features and benefits of drum filters are:

  • Beak design for high clamping force
  • Suits 205L steel and some plastic drums
  • Precise drum placement for operator safety
  • Excellent operator visibility
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Low contoured drum rest
  • Zinc finish
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