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Bulk Bag Jib


The Bulk Bag Jib is designed to safely handle and move bulk bags by both forklift and overhead crane. This multi-use piece of equipment enables the forklift to perform a range of applications and is perfect for heavy lifting jobs. With four lifting points, safety swivel hooks and a working load of 2000kg, it’s incredibly durable and versatile.

Forklift bulk bag jibs are used for handling and moving bulk products, and contains four safety swivel hooks for bag straps in crane use. It offers the ability to transfer between a forklift or a crane. 

They are perfect for lifting overhead, with attachment handles for multi-application use in heavy lifting tasks. 

It is built in accordance with relevant Australian Standards and comes complete with an instruction manual, serial plate, certification and risk assessment.

The main features and benefits of the Bulk Bag Jib are:

  • Easy transfer from forklift to crane
  • Four safety swivel hoods for securing the bulk bag straps at 800mm centres
  • One handed connection and disconnection of straps
  • Certified to relevant Australian Standards
  • Zinc finish.
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