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Bin Tippers


Empty your wheelie bins safely and securely with a bin tipper, designed to improve the productivity of bin waste operations without risk of injury through heavy and awkward manual lifting. 

The Wheelie Bin Tipper is designed to safely lift, transport and empty a standard 240L plastic bin with a forklift. The tipper positions using ratchet assembly and steel locator plates to ensure safe operations.

Our tippers are reliable and effective for forklift operators to carry out their task quickly and safely. The hydraulic tippers attach and remove with ease, and are fitted without restriction to forklift operations such as unloading trucks, production line, and stacking pallets and bins. 

The main features and benefits of our bin tippers are: 

  • 180° rotation of a standard 240 litre plastic wheelie bin
  • Ramp fitted for wheeling bin into position
  • Safety chain and backrest for securing bin in cradle
  • Simple tipping action operational from driver’s seat
  • Slip-on attachment for quick connection
  • Can be adjusted for use with a 120L plastic bin
  • Suitable for manufacturing and general industry applications
  • Zinc finish.
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