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Bale Clamps


The RBC Bale clamp is a vital piece of equipment in the transportation and movement of non-palletised loads, and often used for recycling applications and in the handling of textiles, metal, cotton and wool. They are efficient and functional, being the superior attachment to make moving products and blocks safer, more productive and quick. 

Bale clamps offer a combination of thin profile arms and grip surfaces to provide safe load handling, and are designed with clear load view to improve productivity and faster operations. The regenerative control valve has pressurised relief allowing clamps to work longer and high pressure. The alloy steel casting ensures a strong join for more demanding job requirements.

The main features and benefits of the RBC clamp are: 

  • Enables operators to clamp un-palletised loads
  • Handles baled products with relative ease
  • Lateral sliding arm design for smooth clamping
  • Wide range of openings and arm lengths
  • Cylinder protection
  • Sideshift function
  • Maximum residual capacity thanks to minimum weight and lost load.


• Please contact the forklift manufacturer for the residual capacity of attachment
• Two additional hydraulic circuits required
• Opening range refers to the distance between arm tips
• Supplied without hoses

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