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ST 3000

Crown Electric Stacker

The ST 3000 Electric Forklift is available from All Lift Forklifts Brisbane. The ST 3000 Electric Forklift features;


The ST/SX 3000 Series benefits from Crown’s design and engineering excellence. The transistor control module works in conjunction with a new separately excited (SEM) drive motor to provide excellent acceleration and top travel speed loaded or empty.

Transistor control is programmable for specific tasks or operator skill levels.

Smooth travel and lift combine with excellent controls to reduce product damage and increase productivity

Electrical System

A heavy-duty 24-volt fused electrical system provides good travel and lift speeds.

Separately excited motor control eliminates directional contactors reducing maintenance and downtime.

The transistor control is sealed from dirt, dust and moisture for trouble-free operation. Transistor control features include overtemperature protection, polarity protection, self-test and visible diagnostics.

Regenerative motor braking is activated under a downhill condition, during plugging or when the directional control is returned to neutral. “Regen” reduces heat build-up and extends motor brush life.

An anti-roll down feature will apply the brakes if the truck rolls without a travel command. 175-amp battery connector with standard disconnect handle.

Hydraulic System

Heavy-duty hydraulic motor (ST–2.2 kw, SX–3.0 kw) with integral pump and reservoir for maximum efficiency and durability.

Single-speed lift and two-speed lowering is available to the operator. Cylinder rods are hard-plated chrome with polyurethane seals. Relief valve tuned to capacity protects all components in

Maximum Lift Capacity 725 - 907 kg
Maximum Lift Height 3.2- 4.2 m
Overall Height 1855 - 2105 mm
Gross Vehicle Weight 863 - 1030 kg
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