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630 Rough Terrain


The Athena 630 bi-levelling scissor lift available at All Lift Forklifts Brisbane, can take on challenging terrain like no other scissor lift on the market. The Athena range of bi-levelling scissor lifts enable you to take these units anywhere you need to go.

The Athena is built tough and is suitable for indoors and outdoors (including up to 20˚ front & back and 15˚ side to side inclines and uneven terrain). Finally, there is a compact scissor lift that is versatile and able to handle the challenges you throw at it. Perfect for agriculture, construction, building & park maintenance, councils, tree care and many more.

The Athena 630 bi-levelling scissor  compact scissor lift is designed with a multitude of applications in mind. Construction sites, hire companies, agriculture and facilities maintenance providers now have access to one of the most versatile access machines in the world.

The Athena is simple to control and extremely adaptable to difficult and undulating terrain. Their structure has been designed to resist overload thanks to high resistance steel lifting mechanisms. Athena crawler lifts can withstand heavy and continuous use.

A cutting-edge electronic control system manages all the testing devices (tilting, stability, excessive load, etc.), and automatically controls the engine RPM, optimising emissions and consumption while offering the operators maximum comfort during work and an excellent transfer speed. The 220V current generator makes it possible to use electric tools at heights so there is no need for local power sources and associated leads.

Maximum Platform Height 4.40 m
Overall width 1.20 m
Overall length 1.93 m
Gross weight 1,700 kg
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Access Equipment / 630 Rough Terrain
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