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Case Study: All Lift announces Teletrack technology with Hindmarsh!

At All Lift Forklifts & Access Equipment, we’re dedicated to innovation plus the safety of our operators, our customers, the worksites and the continued health of our machines. We’re always looking for new and game changing ways to ensure this level of protection, policy and safety. So, when we discovered the incredible technology of telematics and TeleTrack the company, it was a no-brainer to join forces. Now, thanks to All Lift partnering with TeleTrack, we’ve solidified an exclusive hire partnership with the construction kings at Hindmarsh.

What is Telematics and Teletrack?

It’s a leading piece of tracking technology that connects and receives data from our equipment, then through a mobile access app, connects the operator, the hire company and the construction manager to ensure the machines are in service, they have access to all machine documents, the asset is being driven by qualified operators, and is able to place the machine via GPS tracking.

How does TeleTrack work?

The most important feature of TeleTrack is the exclusive digital pre-start system. Machines are assigned to a client or operator and remain disabled until the required steps are taken on the smartphone-based questionnaire. The intended operator of the machine must scan the QR code on the machine, through the app. They are then diverted to a page that asks them to log in or register, before recording the details of their licencing credentials. The site manager and All Lift are notified to enable (or immobilise) the machine depending on if the details match suitability to operate. Basically, no licence, no play!

What are its benefits?

The TeleTrack system helps us know where the machine is on hire and who Is operating it. Also if it has been stolen we can track it and immobilise. Site managers can also ensure that their worksite is safe and compliant. Operators can also safeguard themselves, as each exchange of the machine is recorded, and they can rest assured that they are working on a site that is manned by competently ticketed operators who are far less likely to make a mistake that risks others. Lastly any damages can be noted and photos taken when the operator for that day is doing pre starts.

Safety, compliance and accountability are the pillars that are enforced using the TeleTrack system. 

Hindmarsh benefits

Hindmarsh can now further cement themselves as a reliable and innovative construction company with such a great safety initiative around plant management. Their site can now run even more efficiently with the system placed in every plant, with it applied to every machine from EWPs and scissor lifts, to buggies and telehandlers. 

Want to know more about the TeleTrack system and how it can improve your machine hire experience? Call us today!