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The Manitou MH-20 All Terrain Buggy is perfect for rough terrain use on surfaces such as unsealed, rocky roads and building sites with ramps and basements. It features four-wheel drive, a 2 tonne lift capacity and a maximum lift height of 4.3 metres. The high ground clearance and compact design make it easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces.

These versatile machines are ideal for applications in industries such as construction, agriculture, mining, heavy industry, landscaping and freight management. The also come with attachments to help increase productivity and functionality and save time and money. These include tyre extensions, slip on jibs and 360 degree rotating forks.Sleek, compact and comfortable, the Manitou Buggie is the right choice for your next hire.

Maximum Lift Capacity 2000 kg
Maximum Lifting Height 3.80 m - 4.30 m
Overall Height 1990 mm
Gross vehicle weight 4040 kg


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